Sonja van Dijk, McTimoney-Corley Equine Spinal Therapist

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spinal manipulation

Sonja van Dijk is a qualifed Animal Manipulator specialising in McTimoney-Corley Spinal Therapy - providing a safe, effective and holistic treatment for musculoskeletal problems in horses, dogs and other quadrupeds. She is based in Oxfordshire and also travels to clients in the surrounding counties.

Sonja will work alongside your veterinary surgeon and other professionals, such as your saddler, farrier and equine dentist, to provide the best all-round care for your animal.

This website will show you the benefits and importance of Animal manipulation and Spinal Therapy to keep your animal in optimal condition for competing, working or just to enjoy life.

In addition to EST, Sonja can also help you with schooling, rehabilitation work, starting and backing, 'difficult' horses and boxing and loading.


Treating all horses from family ponies to top performance athletes in all disciplines, and also dogs


Based in Oxfordshire